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ADC or Australian Dental Council offers an opportunity for dentists of foreign nationalities to practice dentistry in Australia. It is a step by step process that includes: Initial Assessment | Written Examination | Practical Examination.

Through this course, you can hone your general dentistry skills as per the Australian standards and be a better and more informed dentist with critical clinical judgment that will help you with your future dental practice.

The exam includes Multiple-choice questions and Scenario-based questions taken online that demands a comprehensive approach towards learning and concise approach towards applying that knowledge. We are here to guide the aspirants and help them enhance their knowledge database with a structured set of lectures and vehement practice. The course is designed to let the aspirants focus not only on the theoretical aspect but practical applications as well.

Our weekly and daily tasks and tests with weekend coaching, doubt sessions and discussions focus on ADC relevant topics and developing strong fundamental basics. We provide all the relevant material to study including books, articles, and the latest scientific studies.

Constant practice with a well-devised plan

Through our years of teaching the ADC part 1 course, we have devised the perfect formula to pass the exam with high grades. The course offers a structured approach and constant practice with a well-devised plan for all the information you need.

Topics broken down into mini program

This preparation course is designed where the topics are broken down into mini programs. The Winspert approach gives you the time to focus on the details needed for both the exam and real-world dentistry.


Exam Question & Answers In Database


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Total In-class Hours


ADC Part 1 Course Lectures




Pre-exam Review Sessions


Full Mock-up Exam


A paper-based qualification and documentation assessment. 


A multi-choice question examination of knowledge and the clinical application of knowledge. 


A two-day simulation-based examination assessing technical and clinical skills. 


Jigyasa Sharma is a young teaching enthusiast who has begun this online course because of her own experience in preparing for foreign dental exams. She is the lead coach at Winspert, and her aim is to provide all the aspirants a platform where they get to learn, understand, and achieve their goals.

I strongly recommend Dr. Jigyasa Sharma to all the ADC aspirants. I am so grateful you were my mentor through this journey and all the credit goes to you, it became possible for me to clear this exam in first attempt all because of your constant efforts, from first till the last day through the course you left no stone unturned to provide all of us with the best information regarding all the subjects, always kept in touch with your students, even cleared our silliest doubts with accurate explanation. I can't thank you enough, you are like an idol to me. Thank you for emboldening me, your positivity and encouragement made it possible for me to get through this exam. Dr. Manjot Kaur

The best decision that I made was to study with Jigyasa. She has an absolutely amazing program to guide you to be successful on the exam. Her support will guide you to go through all the necessary resources with no waste of time. It was unbelievable to see the increase in our group knowledge from the first to the last class, I am definitively a better dentist now. Jigyasa is a real teacher, she really takes care of her students. She works hard to make you understand and find actually simple the most difficult topics. Thank you Jigyasa for being so amazing and helped me and my family through this important process, we will never forget your help. Dr. Thiago Motta

I joined Jigyasa right from the start, and needless to say, that has been the best decision ever of my ADC journey. She has been an angel in disguise for me. She has been truly the most sincere, dedicated, and forever-motivating Mentor for all of us! I have personally evolved and learned so much from her, professionally and personally. She has a plethora of knowledge and she makes sure your concepts are strong. Her weekly classes were extremely informative and she’s been very prompt in solving my doubts, at whatever time it may be. Hands down the best teacher ever! Thank you with all my heart for patiently being there for me throughout this journey and also for constantly encouraging me and believing in me when things got rough. Cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, support, and guidance! I am extremely grateful to you and wish you the best for your future endeavors! I highly recommend her to all aspiring ADC candidates. Dr. Draveena Raju

Jigyasa is a great person, professional, and mentor. She is one of the smartest people I've ever met and she guided me through the process to make me clear ADC exam in the 1st tempt. I can't thank her enough. If you are looking for a tutor for ADC part 1 exams, she is the one. The work is hard, many hours of study and discussion to understand the ADC questions,  but she will show you the way. She is dynamic and tireless. She researches, explains, explains again, and sends plenty of up-to-date references and material all the time. She is always there for simple or very complex doubts. Just trust her and it will pay off.  Thank you dear Jigyasa for all your efforts!!🙏 Dr. Angela Rigo

I am forever thankful to you Dr. Jigyasa. I have never met a teacher and more so a person like you who is dedicated in their work. You helped us every step of the way and never let us quit. Your study plan, your teaching skills, everything is so brilliantly planned by you that I have been in awe from the day I got to know about you. You have been a great motivation for all of us because we would always aspire to work as hard as you and even trying to achieve that has made us clear our exam. I strongly recommend Dr. Jigyasa's training to all the ADC aspirants. And Ma'am I am so grateful I got to know you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dr. Hermit Kaur

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