Dental Pro

Dr Jigyasa Sharma

Founder and CEO of Winspert

120 Lessons

3969 people enrolled

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Overview Lessons

Dr Jigyasa Sharma
Founder and CEO of Winspert

Trainer Credentials

  • I bring a unique perspective shaped by my immigrant experience and passion for teaching to the Australian Dental Council.
  • I have 9 years of experience guiding aspiring dentists through the ADC path. My own journey in a different dental system helps me understand your challenges and fuels my dedication to empower you for success.
  • With my diverse background, I bridge cultural gaps in the classroom, creating a collaborative environment where everyone is valued and heard.
  • My commitment to excellence goes beyond the classroom. I conduct research and update teaching methods to provide you with the latest knowledge for ADC Exams.
  • My passion for dentistry is contagious, and I believe in nurturing your own enthusiasm for this rewarding profession.

Why this course

  • Dental pro is a course designed to improve tangible career outcomes for dental students based on postgraduate practice. The outline of this course is to help aspirants understand the subject matter in greater detail and excel at clinically implementing all the disciplines of dentistry in general dental practice.
  • At Winspert, we believe that it is impossible to draw boundaries around scientific knowledge and clinical practice of dentistry. Therefore, learning is a never-ending process to facilitate understanding of the subject.
  • Our mentor deeply dives and expands on the core curriculum to allow motivated students an opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding. The subject matter is constructed in such a way as to help students prepare for national, international examination purposes where key facts are highlighted and principles of diagnosis and management are emphasised upon. This course includes all that you must know for basic beginning, most of what you should know for industry expertise, and some of what you might already know for a thorough revision.