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Why This Course?

WinBridge is a course designed to improve tangible career outcomes for dental students based on postgraduate practice. The outline of this course is to help aspirants understand the subject matter in greater detail and excel at clinically implementing all the disciplines of dentistry in general dental practice.

At Winspert, we believe that it is impossible to draw boundaries around scientific knowledge and clinical practice of dentistry. Therefore, learning is a never-ending process to facilitate understanding of the subject.

Our mentor deeply dives and expands on the core curriculum to allow motivated students an opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding. The subject matter is constructed in such a way as to help students prepare for national, international examination purposes where key facts are highlighted and principles of diagnosis and management are emphasised upon. This course includes all that you must know for basic beginning, most of what you should know for industry expertise, and some of what you might already know for a thorough revision.

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Over the last 5 years, Winspert students have found value in our programs. All the courses are designed as per international teaching standards with innovative learning curriculum that focuses on critical thinking, logical reasoning and developing a curious mindset. If you are looking to excel in a career in Dentistry, this course is the step to success.


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Chief Coach

With an experience of over 6 years, coaching of 2500+ students and 10,000+ hours of dedicated sessions, Jigyasa Sharma continues to provide dental aspirants a platform where aspirants excel at the subject and take their career forward.

She is a young teaching enthusiast with a zeal to transform the higher dental education ecosystem. She has begun this online course to help students achieve their goals, prepare for dental exams in the country and abroad through personal coaching and one on one mentoring sessions.

Cecilia Penques

“I really like the way Dr Jigyasa is: organised, passionate about everything she does and a wonderful mentor. She has the receipt and holds your hand to reach what you really want. She is a example of dreams becoming reality.
You will have the confidence to believe in yourself as I reached and could pass in my first attempt with her program. This program is not only to pass, but to grab a knowledge that we couldn’t have in the Uni. It’s a life experience. Thank you ma’am!”

Saloni Sharma

“I would like to start by thanking dr Jigyasa for all the efforts that she showed for us. I cleared my exam in my first attempt which is nothing but a dream come true. This journey would have been impossible without her. Her materials, her lectures and how simply she put things in those lectures and the efforts she put in those classes. I watched her classes 24*7 for nearly 3-4 months and the way it helped me in being a better dentist is something I never thought off. I could literally hear her voice in my head when I was solving the exam and all the concepts that she taught us. You were one of the best decisions I made. A big thanks to you ma’am!!!”

Kaye Pangilinan

“I am thankful to Dr Jigyasa’s mentorship and guidance, as I was able to clear my adc written exam. What I really like most about her teaching is her honesty, diligence, and well organise study plan and contemporary references. It helps me so much understand concepts of adc that are on point and in depth!
She would tell that “ There’s no short cut to success but hardwork” She makes me stay positive and motivated through out my preparation. Many thanks to you Dr. Jigyasa. All the best to all your endeavour.”

Charlene Tan

“It all started when I messaged two strangers at random and asked them who’s class, they took to pass their Part 1. Both at different timing said Jigyasa, Winspert. I immediately without thinking twice signed up for her class. This I must say was one of the best decisions I made. Jigyasa is a meticulous person. Sometimes at the back of our mind we may think how these coaches actually mentor when it’s a big group? I dare say that Jigyasa can. Besides her teaching materials which is incredibly good, she is always open to answering our doubts and questions be it anytime of the day. This proves how personal, one to one Jigyasa can be. One lesson I’ll never forget from her orientation which she constantly reminds us from the beginning is how important to master the concept. She doesn’t just want us to mug up, she wants us to understand so that it remains in our head for a long at the same time equipped to apply these during the exam. This is such a good stepping stone to Part 2 as well. We laugh, joke and discuss during classes. More so, I enjoyed the encouragement Jigyasa who never fail to bring to the table. She understands how tough and overwhelming it can be that’s why in between classes she motivates, sympathize and push us to shoulder through.
Passing Part 1 at my first try is truly, truly God’s blessing. A bulk of the success has a lot to do with Jigyasa. Sometimes I wish she can be my lifelong tutor because she is the best out there. If she was coaching Part 2, without a doubt like I mentioned above, I’ll sign up for her classes over and over again. I don’t know what else to say but Thank you Ma’am! You are an unforgettable person and I’m so thankful for a person as smart & caring as you.”

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