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Why This Course?

The recent developments have brought the Canadian Exams in line with the Australian standards. Having been through the system and all the possible scenarios and changes, we are here for you and will guide you through the process. Why take a chance? Learn from the best and reduce any residual stress or tension that comes with the unknown.

Dedicated team of practicing and academic clinicians, and mentors with over two decades of experience in helping overseas professionals navigate through the licensure examinations world over.

Awarded as the Leading Pioneers of Dental Education in Australia.

Being the best-reviewed and delivered OSCE and mentorship experience, including and not limited to the MOCK TESTS, we are thrilled to bring you the same knowledge and experience for your Canadian exams.

Personalized attention, feedback, and correctional guidelines.

Recordings and hand-outs of the scenarios available are throughout the course.

Course Offerings

The course will include:

Detailed cluster explanation

Understanding of marking rubrics

Stepwise approach for the communication scenarios

Role plays+ feedback from the mentors

50+ case discussions and role plays

Infection control guidelines

Access to video tutorials and recorded sessions

Access to live class recordings for revision


Chief Coach

My journey began just like any other aspirant. After completing my graduation, I thought to take the ADC exam. When I star ted preparing for the exam,m struggled with lack of proper guidance and study materials. Despite f acing such dif ficulties, I did no t back down and managed to clear part 1 exam on the fir st at tempt and got 3A s with vigor ous dedication of 10 months. Little did I know, my life was about to take a different turn after I received my Canadian PR. I star ted preparing for yet another exam. This time it was AFK. My preparation for AFK further broadened my experience and database of knowledge to a great extent . I cleared the AFK e xam in the fir st attempt itself.

That achie vement gav e me confidence and a push to extend this service to other aspirants, like you, who often struggle because of the lack of authentic and dedicated tutors, study materials, and support system. I began creating a course program that targeted these highly competitive exams in a crystal clear, concise, and well-planned manner.

Since then, it has been 3 y ears and I hav e mentored 7 batches with more than 1000 students, along with 2500 hours of didactic coaching through personal connect and mentoring. I believe in empowering students with the right set of knowledge so that they move in the right direction.

Dr. Deepesh Sanduja

B.D.Sc (Melb 2006), Grad Dip For Odont (Monash),POS (USA), ICCDE (Singapore)

Deepesh Sanduja graduated from Melbourne University. During his graduation, he was awarded the ADRF grant and has scientific ar ticles published in r eputed dental journals. After graduation, Deepesh has worked as a demonstrator f or final y ear B .D.Sc s tudents and he has helped a lot of graduates with their individual goals. He has been practicing dentistry in Melbourne for the last 12 years and also consults with the Australian Defense Force. Director – Co-Founder: Dental101, Co-Director: North Star Dental. Contractor to Australian Defense Force (VIC/TAS region).

Helping, guiding, and mentoring recent and new overseas and resident graduates is a passion through which Dental101 was formed. Over the years, we have successfully helped many International Graduates and made a mark with our OSCEs , mock tes ts, and Specific Beyond Exams brand (Academy101).

NDECC forming a major part of the examination process, and being similar to the ADC process, we feel that our team is fully equipped to help you navigate through the process.

Immense care and time have been spent in formulating what we feel will be the best chance for your preparation. Looking forward to your successful journey.

Dr. Mai Eltanbouli

Dr. Mai graduated from the University of Alexandria in 2005, with an honours degree, and registered as a general dentist in the Egyptian institute ofDental Partitioners from 2006 up to date. Dr. Mai enjoys implementing emergency treatment, crowns, veneers, restorative treatment, root canal treatment, and dentures. She has a high level of patient care. Her aim is to establish a decay-free dentition.

Dr. Mai believes that one never stops learning, she continuously updates her knowledge, and regularly attends professional development courses. Also, she enjoys coaching undergraduate dentists and overseas dentists.

In her spare time, Dr Mai enjoys travelling, cooking, and spending time with family.

Cecilia Penques

“I really like the way Dr Jigyasa is: organised, passionate about everything she does and a wonderful mentor. She has the receipt and holds your hand to reach what you really want. She is a example of dreams becoming reality.
You will have the confidence to believe in yourself as I reached and could pass in my first attempt with her program. This program is not only to pass, but to grab a knowledge that we couldn’t have in the Uni. It’s a life experience. Thank you ma’am!”

Saloni Sharma

“I would like to start by thanking dr Jigyasa for all the efforts that she showed for us. I cleared my exam in my first attempt which is nothing but a dream come true. This journey would have been impossible without her. Her materials, her lectures and how simply she put things in those lectures and the efforts she put in those classes. I watched her classes 24*7 for nearly 3-4 months and the way it helped me in being a better dentist is something I never thought off. I could literally hear her voice in my head when I was solving the exam and all the concepts that she taught us. You were one of the best decisions I made. A big thanks to you ma’am!!!”

Kaye Pangilinan

“I am thankful to Dr Jigyasa’s mentorship and guidance, as I was able to clear my adc written exam. What I really like most about her teaching is her honesty, diligence, and well organise study plan and contemporary references. It helps me so much understand concepts of adc that are on point and in depth!
She would tell that “ There’s no short cut to success but hardwork” She makes me stay positive and motivated through out my preparation. Many thanks to you Dr. Jigyasa. All the best to all your endeavour.”

Dr. AlbinAbraham

I want to express my sincere gratitude and thank Dental 101 for being a part of my ADC journey. Look no further than Dental 101 to polish your skills and learn the intricate details of how to clear this tough exam smoothly. Dr Deepesh and Kanika have skillfully curated a course that mimics to ADC exam standards and will eliminate all your exam hall jitters. I will personally recommend every candidate to experience their skilled OSCE course and mock exam day since they run it exactly similar to exam venue standards and this will help you get prepared for the big day. My overall experience with Dental 101 has been: truly great and I give them my highest recommendation!!

Pooja Makwana

I genuinely want to thank you Dental101 team and especially Dr Deepesh & Kanika for their guidance, support and motivation. I had my skilled osce practice and mock test just a day before ADC Exam, and it was really helpful in every aspect. It helped me to boos t my confidence. I highly r ecommend Dental101 f or any sor t o f cour se related to not only ADC but Dentistry in Australia. Thank you very much again. Keep Shining!!!

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